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Gil deVera

Head Coach

Having dedicated his life to helping others better themselves by achieving their goals in losing fat, developing mass and improving their overall health and wellness, he’s founded Dynamic G with the objective in mind to build a community of people passionate about continual growth in achieving their goals.

Seasoned Competitor

10+ Years of Experience

Nutritional Performance Specialist

10+ Years of Experience





Not only am I getting better, but I'm feeling better too! Dynamic G rocks! They didn't just help me reach my potential, but pushed me beyond that to places I never knew I could go.

David Almeda Satisfied Client

This team is on another level. It's pretty wild. I've sent a couple of my ugliest friends through them and now they all look like superheroes

Daniel Torres Satisfied Client

Dynamic G helped me finally hit my bikini body goals! I couldn't be any more grateful for how they treated me. After having two kids I thought I'd never be able to have my dream body!

Ariana Fincher Satisfied Client

I finally understand the hype! They're, no joke, the only trainers I can work with. I've worked with a handful of other teams, but none of them make things enjoyable like Dynamic G does.

William Carter Satisfied Client

Wow, I didn't walk into this team expecting the type of environment they have. I was able to get comfortable and became part of a motivated family that pushes me to be better than I was yesterday.

Jillian Morales Satisfied Client